Wednesday, February 28


Glad to see that consumer show Watchdog is tackling the issue of hoe happy people are with their broadband set up. I watched the show last night and, having had a very bad experience with Sky Broadband (in short, avoid), found myself nodding along with the woes recounted by the people interviewed on the programme. I particularly shared their pain when they came to discussing the amount of time to actually talk to a real person (up to 45 minutes with Virgin/NTL/whoever, about half that time with Sky, but taking three telephone calls and being passed from department to department in order to get anything sorted).

However I hope the people who have positive experiences are as likely to participate in the Watchdog Survey, not only to champion the providers who do a good job, but also as a guide to the other people out there..

Clicky, clicky

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Monday, February 26

NIN piccy

Here's a picture taken from last night's Nine Inch Nails gig (Manchester Apollo, Sunday 25th February 2007)

Nine Inch Nails - Live
Click to Enlarge

Quite chuffed, considering we were standing way back (moshpits are not for the over 30's), these have come out pretty good..

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A grand night out

Nine Inch Nails last night were awesome.

It was the fourth time I'd seen them live, but I can honestly say it was one of the best setlists I've been treated to. It was proper "old school", Nine Inch Nails, with the majority of the tracks coming from "The Downward Spiral", "Pretty Hate Machine" and the "Broken" E.P.
My head's still a bit battered so I cannot recall every track, and the exact order but Trent opened with "Mr. Self Destruct" (yay!), and then ripped through (amongst others) "Last", "Sin",
"March Of The Pigs", "Only", "Terrible Lie", "Gave Up", "Closer" (with "Down In It" in the middle), "Help Me I Am In Hell", "Burn", "Eraser", "Ruiner", "Something I Can Never Have", "No You Don't", "The Day The Whole World Went Away", before finishing with "Hurt", "The Hand That Feeds", "Head Like A Hole"..

We did wonder if a tribute act had been sent onstage at first, as for the first fifteen minutes you really couldn't see the band at all due to the amount of dry ice that had been pumped into the venue.

Ladytron were also very, very good - glad they're getting the sort of exposure that a NIN tour should generate.

In short, very pleased, and half tempted to see them again tonight..


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Saturday, February 24


Found out this morning that Nine Inch Nails' support act is Ladytron.

Also the setlists from the European tour look awesome.. "Mr Self Destruct"? "Dead Souls"? "Get Down Make Love"? Fabulous

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Friday, February 23


Sorry, it seems that the Blog-to-mail service is up the swanny again, and as a result the post I made earlier hasn't appeared here.


Not to worry, it was basically just me bitching about work. Although there are exciting times ahead at work in general, I am currently stuck on the project from hell developing an application for a new select breed of fuckwit who really are too stupid to use computers, although their ignorance goes beyond that really and I'm frankly amazed they manage to walk and breathe at the same time.

So you can imagine, can't you? It wasn't a very positive post..

But now, it's Friday evening -hurrah! And I can look forward to a weekend filled with football, Clerks 2 and Nine Inch Nails (amongst other highlights), so I am feeling much more upbeat and groovy.

In addition to this, the transition to broadband and telephone being provided by PlusNet broadband seems to be going swimmingly too now that BT have released my line. My shiny new ADSL modem/router turned up today, a couple of days ahead of the line being activated on Tuesday. The only thing I'm not sure is how much of an arse-ache it's going to be getting my existing wireless router to talk to the PlusNet modem instead of the NTL/Virgin/Whatever one.. Anyone know of any potential pitfalls? Any info appreciated!

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Thursday, February 22


The other day we were discussing those great online quizzes, usually posted by (great site, by the way visit it), that have wonderful titles like "Female or Shemale" or "Man Milk or Moo Milk".. They're hilarious, and in case you missed them here are links to a few:

  • Female Or Shemale

  • Man Milk or Moo Milk

  • Gash or Tash

  • Funnel or Tunnel, and..

  • Jailbait Or Legal

  • Probably not work safe, if in doubt don't click

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    Get In!

    Not a bad night, that..

    I tell you, when Deco hammered home his header, I thought that we might be heading for a whupping, particularly given the pressure that Liverpool had to absorb for the following fifteen minutes. But Bellamy's goal was perfectly timed (just before the break) and Riise's goal was the sweetest thing I'd seen in ages.

    And who'd have thought Bellamy and Riise would be making the headlines again in a week?

    Good result, but the job's not done yet, let's hope the Mighty Reds can hang in there.

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    Wednesday, February 21

    Keeping me entertained

    So it was work night for the Mrs last night, which meant that the wife was busy working on another set of accounts and I had to amuse myself for a few hours. And I found myself, after flicking half-heartedly through the television channels to determine that there was nothing on (well, nothing that we weren't already recording for watching when the work was done anyway), turning my attention to the XBox. And I must admit it struck me that the console really did have very good "staying power" and was really maintaining my interest remarkably well.

    And this is quite impressive because I'm not, and never really have been, a "Hardcore Gamer", I like video games, they really do amuse me for a few hours. However, in the past, previous consoles have usually began to gather dust quite rapidly after the initial "wow" factor of getting them home has subsided. So what is it that's keeping me hooked this time around?

    Now the games are good, and the graphics are stunning, but I think there is something else which keeps the interest for me, and that's the way that achievements have been worked into every title released for the XBox 360.

    For the uninitiated, each full retail game for the XBox 360 has 1000 gamerpoints to "achieve" in it (each arcade release having 200). Gamerpoints are awarded to the player by unlocking certain achievements which are attained by completing some aspect of the game. You may, for instance, unlock an achievement for finishing a level or for killing 1,000 zombies. You get the idea. These gamerpoints are then visible on your gamer profile (cast your eyes upwards).

    Now there are definitely achievement obsessives out there on XBox Live who feel they have to get a 1000 points out of every game and basically live and game to maximise their gamerscore. Indeed these people will often rent awful games that they know it's easy to get a 1000 points out of the game, just so they can wob their gamerscore on the table and say "get a load of them points". I am not a gamerscore whore, and have no need to have my ego stroked in that way.

    However, some of the achievements are certainly extending the longevity of the games I already own, especially the well crafted ones that hint at something else to discover in the game, or an alternate approach to take. They give re-play value to titles, they raise the bar on the goals of the game beyond merely completing it. There is also often a nice variety of solo and online play in most achievements. Without them, I might have given up on a game or traded it much earlier or, and this is worse, missed out on a whole aspect of a game because the achievement is linked to So it is the achievements idea that I attribute my continued interest in the 360. It's another example of how Microsoft got something really right (and, no, I cannot believe I actually typed that sentence, either) when putting together the XBox, beyond just the hardware of the console but also the supporting online connectivity and community that really does make the gaming experience more rewarding.

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    Tuesday, February 20

    Probably just me

    But it really amuses me that one of the "Gears Of War" achievements, where you have to defeat a creature called a 'Bezerker' has the the name "My Love For You Is Like A Truck".

    This is such a Clerks reference, and show's that someone at Epic Games really has a) a good taste in movies and b) a sense of humour.

    If you don't get the reference, this should help:

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    Monday, February 19


    Well with all the news of the new album, "year one", being released soon, and due to the fact that we're off to see them on Sunday, it seems a good time to have a sniff round the internet for all things Nine Inch Nails,

    I do like the NinWiki, a wikipedia for the band. I especially like it due to all the furore about the new album and, as said on the site, "all the events surrounding Year Zero and the current future world, where Year Zero takes place. This is to inform new and old users alike of everything going on. According to Trent, Year Zero takes place about 15 years in the future, which would be 2022. There is also a Year Zero Timeline being compiled.

    A series of highlighted letters have been found on a Nine Inch Nails tour shirt which spell out the words "I am trying to believe," leading users to This site details numerous things going on in this time line, such as the Parepin drug and The Presence. Using the track list to the album, people discovered numerous related websites.

    The first of these additional websites,, displays what looks to be a propaganda poster. Clicking and dragging portions of the image reveals it "tears away" into a much more negative image, linking to a message board in which users have been discussing various aspects of society, including handing out links to various audio files and links to other related websites.

    More websites have popped up through context, giving more information as to what is happening in the universe and specifying more details, opening up more puzzles, and inspiring the community to dig deeper to explore more of this world.

    On February 14th, 2007, "My Violent Heart", track eight of Year Zero, was "leaked" to the Internet. On February 15th, the first single, Survivalism, was played on KROQ radio and then other radio stations throughout the day, marking its official air date, over a week ahead of schedule. A full-quality rip soon ended up on the Internet.

    The Year Zero Research Page is being constantly updated to track recent developments, theories, and essentially organize the Year Zero events into a cohesive storyline."

    No doubt, it is an exciting time to be a NIN fan

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    Sunday, February 18

    Scorsese's new movie

    Got sent this link over the weekend, Scorsese's "Sesame Streets" - genius

    Similarly we have the Flintstones in "Raging Bull"


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    Saturday, February 17

    What? What? What?

    This dropped in my in box this morning:
    "the new nine inch nails single 'survivalism' is now playing on radio stations nationwide. you can listen to it on the nin myspace page, along with another track from year zero: 'my violent heart.'

    year zero : april 17th 2007.

    track listing:

    01 hyperpower!
    02 the beginning of the end
    03 survivalism
    04 the good soldier
    05 vessel
    06 me, i'm not
    07 capital g
    08 my violent heart
    09 the warning
    10 god given
    11 meet your master
    12 the greater good
    13 the great destroyer
    14 another version of the truth
    15 in this twilight
    16 zero-sum"

    So not only a new single, but a new album?
    Fuck me!
    Trent's got a new album out in under five years!
    Maybe he'll play some new tracks when I see him next week?

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    Friday, February 16

    Blimey, it's Friday

    Monday.. Tuesday.. Happy Days!
    Blurry days, more like.
    Another end of the week rolls around and I am left, and not for the first time recently, wondering where exactly the week went.  It's probably just a sign of age, but the weeks seem to be flying past at an ever increasing rate.  I feel like that bloke in the movie version of H.G. Wells' Time Machine who is sat there (in the aforementioned Time Machine") as time accelerates around him, days blur as they fly by at an accelerating pace whilst I sit there and observe their silent passage.  It's like I used to download life via a 56k modem, and now someone's upgraded me to a 8Mb broadband connection.  It's bewildering.
    Still, it's not all work, work, work...
    Last night played "Gears of War" for the first time in co-op mode.  (Co-op meaning co-operative over XBox live for the benefit of the terminally stupid).
    Usually, in the single player version of the game you have a computer controlled colleague who assists you in killing anything that moves.. (Gears of War being a first-person shooter not unlike Doom or Halo, you see).  However the AI of the computer controlled player is, at times,  a bit rubbish, he's forever getting shot, injured, following you around like a lost puppy (as he seems to foolishly assume that I know where I'm going when invariably I'm just winging it) and just generally faffing about.  This can make progressing through the game a little on the arduous side, as you have to make up for his shortcomings.  However, when you get a friend to take on the role and you have a stab at the game online, the game take on a whole new life and actually becomes stupidly good fun.  Now this is mainly because the AI of the computer controlled player in the single player mode doesn't swear quite as much, and at no point will call you a 'throbber' for getting shot, but also at least there really does feel like there's two of you facing the unceasing onslaught of the alien hordes. 
    Okay, so the non-computer controlled player is more likely to nick your ammo, and have moments of insanity where, acting not unlike Sylvester Stallone in a Rambo flick, all caution will be thrown to the wind and he will leg it into a warzone with the end result being he becomes instant cannon fodder, however when the two of you are stealthily making your way through a level it is really excellent. 
    I can heartily recommend this game online (and, to be fair, in single player mode as long as you have patience) - XBox Live really does rock!

    Thursday, February 15

    Rock N Roll? Hardly

    You can almost see the meeting now can't you?

    A couple of months ago, perhaps?

    Picture the scene: the executives in charge of the Brit awards sat in their meeting, facing falling audience figures, and faced with the fact that the TV Quick Soap Awards were attracting more public attention, it was time for crisis talks:

    "We need to make the whole event a bit more, you know, rock 'n roll, that will win back serious musical credibility and get us a bigger audience" pipes up one exec..
    "Yeah, you're right"
    "Give it that edge back again"
    "Yeah, back to some old school Rock 'n Roll sensibilities"
    "The key word here, people, is danger. We want the Brits to have a dangerous edge again"
    "I know, why don't we give Oasis an 'Outstanding Achievement' award - you know them Gallagher boys, they're bound to court some controversy, do some of their trademark swearing and Manc attitude, that'll bring the audience. That's 'dangerous'"
    "Yeah, high five to that."
    [Sound of slapping palms round the room]
    "Also, we could get a controversial host"
    "Hmm yeah you're right, someone with an air of danger."
    "Good, good, yeah, but who?"
    "How about that lanky one from Channel four, you know the one with the mad hair, who's always talking about his 'Dinkle' and 'pulling down his trousers and pants', that one who won the 'shagger of the year' award"
    "I know who you mean.. err.. what's his name?"
    "Got it. Russell Brand"
    "Yeah that's it, yeah he fits the part, didn't he used to do drugs at one point?"
    "That's right. Wow that's so rock n roll, he'll be perfect."
    "Yeah. Great. Is that dangerous enough?"
    "Hmm.. well maybe.."
    "We're missing that magic factor still, aren't we?"
    "Yeah.. something's missing"
    "I know, we'll do it live again!"
    "Yeah, bring the danger of live television to the whole thing"
    "Are you sure, remember the last time we did that? You know we had problems with that tit"
    "Sam Fox"
    "Yeah, and the other one?"
    "Er.. her right breast?"
    "No, Mick Fleetwood"
    "Oh yeah, yeah, that was terrible wasn't it? We couldn't afford a bad show like that. They still play those clips on shows like 'The Top 100 worst television'".
    "Well we'll just stage manage it so that we can ensure that nothing goes wrong.."

    And they did, in fact they stage managed it to the point where the CBeebies Children's Television awards were probably more rowdy and rock 'n roll. They reigned the marvellous Russell Brand in, giving him only seconds to speak between each gong was handed out, (and let's not forget that this man at the NME awards had some of the best links ever, particularly his retort to being called the 'C' word by Bob Geldolf (sorry, I mean Sir Bob Geldolf) where he famously said "No wonder Bob Geldolf is an expert on famine, he's been dining out on 'I don't like Mondays' for twenty years"), the winners were ushered off the stage as quickly as they were ushered on. The only nod to rock and roll excess was where, at their tables, winners were doused in what we were lead to believe was champagne (but was probably Panda Lemonade such was the controls placed on the celebrities by the organisers).

    All in all it was about as dangerous as a bouncy castle and despite some worthy bands actually being nominated (Snow Patrol, The Killers, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc), the whole thing felt as like it may as well have been the TV Quick Soap Awards. Only Simon Pegg and Nick Frost managed to inject any real 'humour' into the whole proceedings (at least they managed to refer to the last live Brit awards). The whole thing was santized to the point of bland boredom. What a waste of an opportunity.

    Still at least it had a few more laughs in it than the ITV comedy that followed.. "The Abbey" reached a whole new low for ITV 'comedy', it almost made their other recent effort 'Benidorm' look like a laugh riot.

    It's a pity because music can still court amusement and comedy, as was clearly evidenced on the beeb again last night with "Never Mind the Buzzcocks", which has reached whole new levels of humour since Simon Amstell took over hosting duties. Last night was the episode where Preston stropped off after what could only be described as some "gentle ribbing" from Amstell, and it was hysterical...

    Maybe the execs should watch a couple of episodes of that before organising next year's Brits. And let's get Amstell to host.. now that could be funny.

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    Wednesday, February 14


    So with all the broadband shenanigans, digital television tomfoolery and cable chaos, there doesn't seem to have been many posts about anything else around here for a bit, and for that I can only apologise.  It just frustrates me at how difficult it is to get a decent level of service (not to mention customer service) from pretty much every company who offer such goods and services. 
    They all seem to want to punt their technology upon us, with tempting packages, unlimited usage and 10% discounts for online ordering, with their flashy websites, the tempting offers, but once they've drawn you in, they don't seem to be able to back up their claims.  Scratch away the veneer of the tempting offer and crap service and customer service lurks behind like a skulking nightmare.  We are all supposed to be able to reach out and embrace this new technology with wireless internet, high definition multi-screen television channels and lower cost phone calls, and the companies make us desire these things and then totally and utterly fail to deliver it.  Or if they do manage to deliver it, they cannot seem to consistently deliver it, meaning that we end up listening to endless hours of hold music, desperately hoping to get to speak to a real person.  Surely there must be a better way?
    It's a shoddy state of affairs.. the first company that does deliver reliable service and impeccable customer service, though, will clean up.


    Well it looks like I've found a new broadband and telephone provider.

    On the recommendation of Sean, I've signed up for PlusNet broadband, who will be offering me 8Mb broadband that's unlimited, plus free evening and weekend calls for considerably cheaper than I was paying BT and Virgin/NTL/Whatever separately. Tis quite a good deal actually, and well worth checking out if you're thinking of switching broadband (which, of course, from today becomes easier). Haven't actually binned off Virgin/NTL/Whoever yet, experience has taught me to err on the side of caution and get one internet service up and running before I attempt to move to another, but I am looking forward to the phonecall immensely (petty, I know, but they started it!!!).

    Anyway, as always, will keep you informed of my misadventures and mishaps in persuit of cheaper internet! You know you love it!

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    Tuesday, February 13

    The hunt is on..

    Right, I need broadband provider..
    This is mainly because I want to dump NTL/Virgin Media/Whoever because of the lousy customer service (no, they never returned my call, and consequently I had to crawl back to Sky last night for my television, they allowed me to get my Sky back once I said "I am a naughty boy for wanting to run away from Rupert Murdoch" ten times). I was going to risk Sky providing my broadband, but after people on here warning me off, I think I should look at the alternatives. So I'm after suggestions..

    There are a couple of requirements..

  • It should cost no more than I'm paying now (£24)

  • It should be unlimited downloads (mainly due to the fact that XBox Live demo's can be anywhere between 800Meg and 1.4 Gig)

  • It should have a semi-decent customer service ethic

  • The ADSL Modem needs to be able to connect into my existing wireless routher via a Ethernet cable, this is because my main PC has no wireless capability and I'm loathed to have to go out and buy a wireless adapter just for the switch

  • The ADSL Modem should not connect to the PC via USB (yes, this is re-iterating the point above, but it's an important one

  • So far, only Be internet seem to be "fitting the bill", but I'm open to suggestions.

    Any info appreciated

    Monday, February 12

    Deal or No Deal

    Well, I see that people have been wondering how the Virgin Media V+ box installation went.
    In short, it didn't.
    It all started well enough, with the engineer rolling up just after nine (on time, good) and beginning to move the phone line away from the BT socket to the Virgin one.  However, when quizzed about the HD connectivity between the V+ box and the telly a blank look came over the engineer's face.  It turns out that the work order given to him was completely and utterly wrong, he'd only brought a standard set top box, and he even had us down for the wrong television package.  He had no V+ boxes on the van (there were none available, so he said), and certainly had no HD cabling.  We were told that the only way to resolve this was that he'd have to cancel the installation and I'd have to re-order the V+ installation for another date.
    So on the phone I go to Virgin Media.. except Virgin Media used to be NTL and getting through to their customer support is infamously bad, of course.  So I was on the stuck on the phone for the best part of three quarters of an hour being bounced between departments.  Eventually I spoke to someone who could help me.  He told me that, and I believe this is a quote, "your account is in a right mess".  Why?  Well it appears that, rather than cancelling the installation, the engineer had in fact marked it as complete.  Now, on the NTL/Virgin/Whatever system once an install is complete, a month's notice is needed to cancel that contract.  We couldn't order a new install until the old one disappeared from the system.  And apparently, the system didn't want to cancel the install because of the lack of 30 days notice.  I'd been on the phone so long at this point I wanted to kill, so the guy offered to phone me back.
    Virgin/NTL/Whoever did phone me back later that day to tell me that the account had been "somewhat restored", and the bodged install (that never happened) had been removed.  However, because he'd had to hack the system so much to get it to do this (hacking systems?  We should offer him a job!), he couldn't immediately re-order V+ for me.  Instead he offered to phone me back on Monday (or, possibly Saturday) to get that re-ordered.  I was less than impressed to say the least.
    Now, over the weekend, (and as seen in the comments in my last post) I learn that Sky One, Sky News, and Sky Sports News could disappear from Virgin/NTL/Whenever at the end of the month.  So no Lost.  No Battlestar Galactica.  No 24. 
    In short, no way. 
    Three of the shows that me and the wife actively look forward to each week gone?  (Yeah I got her into Battlestar - how god is that?).  You're kidding, right!?  Actually that's only a minor consideration, it's the principal of not getting the same service I'm currently getting from Sky that is ticking me off.
    If he phone's me today, I want a guarantee (preferably in writing) that this will not happen.  Otherwise I think I may have to admit that I was wrong to try and leave the evil Murdoch empire.  However, if I have to go back to Sky I shall be getting my broadband from them too I think (despite the problems I have experience before), and binning off Virgin/NTL/Wherever completely (see?  It doesn't pay to piss me off!!).
    It's deal-breaker time.. The banker is calling.. Who goes?  They decide..
    More later, no doubt..

    Friday, February 9

    V for Virgin Media

    So, if all goes according to plan and the installation runs smoothly, I should get home to a shiny new V+ box from Virgin Media today (Virgin Media being formerly known as ntl and/or telewest, of course), which should bring in an age of HDTV into our household (just in time for Doctor Who) along with the ability to record two channels whilst recording a third. 
    I have been given some confidence by various posts from satisfied customers on the cablehell forums that (finally) cable have got their act together and the service is excellent, although I'm still made slightly nervous by those perennial cable-naysayers who will point to past failings (a lot of these people are very pro Sky though, so who to believe?).
    Anyway, as long as we have cbeebies installed by about 2pm this afternoon (so Kirstyn can get her fix of "Big Cook Little Cook") all should be well, otherwise I shall get grief, no doubt.
    Although I also have the joy of cabling the existing Sky installation upstairs this evening to look forward to (as Sky+ is destined to become probably the most expensive commercially available freeview box in the country), should keep me busy for an hour or so tonight anyway.
    Anyway, am keeping my fingers crossed that, hopefully, my pursuit of thrifty broadband, telephone and HD tv solution will pay off and I will not regret turning my back on Sky (see ya Murdoch) and BT (so long Busby!).  Will keep y'all posted (I know I am a guinea pig "early adopter" for some other interested parties out there).  Laters!

    Thursday, February 8

    Democracy In Action

    Apparently there is only one month left to register your objection to the 'Pay as you go' road tax.

    The petition is on the 10 Downing St website but they didn't really publicise it.
    Therefore at the time of writing only 250,000 people had signed it so far and 750,000 signatures are required to stop them introducing it.

    This is legit... from the 10 Downing Street's website.

    Once you've given your details (you don't have to give your full address, just house number and postcode will do), they will send you an email with a link in it. Once you click on that link, you'll have signed the petition.

    Democracy in action?

    The government's proposal to introduce road pricing will mean you having to purchase a tracking device for your car and paying a monthly bill to use it. The tracking device will cost about £200 and in a recent study by the BBC, the lowest monthly bill was £28 for a rural florist and £194 for a delivery driver. A non working mother who used the car to take the kids to school paid £86 in one month.

    On top of this massive increase in tax, you will be tracked. Somebody will know where you are at all times. They will also know how fast you have been going, so even if you accidentally creep over a speed limit in time you can probably expect a Notice of Intended Prosecution with your monthly bill.

    If you care about our freedom and stopping the constant bashing of the car driver, please sign the petition on No 10's new website (link below) and pass this on to as many people as possible.

    (This is the same site that will allow you to download an application for the Honours List!)

    If you have not looked at this spare a wee moment. Gordon (that is brown not Gin) is searching for new ways to hose our money down various black holes.

    Brand. Lost. Snow

    So yeah, I promised a review of Russell Brand, who we went to see on Monday night, didn't I?
    Well I am a man of my word, so despite the fact that this post is a little on the late side (for the past 48 hours or so I have still been battling with the remnants of my cold - cannot remember the last time a cold has taken so long to blummin naff off), here we go:
    Russell was, of course, brilliant. 
    I really didn't know what to expect, having decided to avoid the live DVD which was out before Christmas, but I can honestly say that he gave us well over an hour and a half of solid laughter.  It's a shame that no commentary here could actually do justice to the material he had, or the unique outlook on life that he brings to the world via his routine.  It was very pleasing that he was determined not just to trade on his "catchphrases" and seemed to condemn those who just expected him to come on stage and talk about pulling down his trousers and pants, how things were "'citing" and endless tales about his ball bags and dinkle for an hour and a half.  Although he does do an extended piece on the art of pleasuring oneself, which was incredibly funny.  Get a ticket and see him live and you'll cry with laughter.  Alternatively get the DVD off Amazon ('tis only a mere nine English pounds) - as you will not be disappointed.  It's a shame that he allows his mate, Trevor Lock, to have such a long warm-up slot (an agonising 45 minutes before the interval) as he was not funny at all, and I doubt anyone has died on their backside at an Opera House quite as badly as he did.  So miss the support, stay in the bar, and then marvel at the comic genius that is Russell Brand.
    Also, traded two unplayed titles for "Lost Planet" this week, which meant it cost me 41p.  And am so glad I did, as it's a terrific game.  Although not quite as graphically stunning as "Gears of War" and not being as engaging as "Dead Rising", it really is very good fun to play (especially online).  And now, having finished Dead Rising, I have something to get me through until either Forza or Resident Evil 5 comes out.
    Disappointed at the lack of snow here, although it would appear that 5cms of the stuff had brought the rest of the country to a standstill.  It was depressing to hear so many people on five live this morning citing the snow as evidence that there is no such thing as global warming.  One text read "I wonder if the so-called experts predicting global warming are stuck in the snow this morning?".  Just how short-sighted are some southerners when their Network South East train is five minutes late because our awful rail infrastructure cannot cope with the lightest dusting of snow?  It beggars belief, it really does.

    Wednesday, February 7

    Best. Trailer. Ever.

    I know it's been on the beeb for about a week now, but still - this is class:

    "Is he kicking in a nonce?"

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    Monday, February 5


    First off, apologies for the week off.. was really ill for about five days, it is inexcusable that I ignored my blogging duties, but I ask you to excuse me anyways..

    Just a quicky to announce my return to health and blogging, as we're off to see Russell Brand this evening..
    Am really looking forward to it too.. will give my $0.02 on the gig tomorrow..

    Also as I've now finished "Dead Rising" but, seeing as everyone else is playing Dead Rising, there's no-one playing "Gears of War" for me to have a good co-op session, I thought I'd trade a couple of unplayed titles for "Lost Planet" tomorrow, unless anyone can recommend something preferable..

    More tomorrow!!

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