Thursday, October 18


..And look, this is where I used to blog.

Damn, I even left a half-drunk cup of coffee here

Well, waste not, want not and all that..

Guess what, boys and girls..??

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacck!

Okay nobody probably reads this any more, but I missed the cathartic feeling that ranting on here seemed to provide me with, something that even sites like Facebook couldn't rival (and yes I am on there, I'm just in "stealth" mode).

Anyhoo.. for those who have been wanting a return, watch this space.. blogging is back on my agenda



Blogger DrLargePants said...

Just post a link to this on Facebook, I'm sure there is a Blogger app.

1:23 pm  
Blogger SilentBazz said...

But I'm trying to get away from Facebook.. it's the new axis of evil, I tell thee

12:42 pm  

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