Thursday, April 28


Is this the end? (clicky, clicky)

Monday, April 18


Okay I promised I wouldn't mention Nine Inch Nails again, but it would appear that my shameless plugging of their new single/album has given me NIN-karma. I got a package through the mail this morning, along with the package came a letter which read:

"April 12, 2005

Dear NIN Fan,

Congratulations, you recently signed up at to be one of only 2000 people to receive this strictly limited edition, numbered 9" vinyl box. And you're one of the 2000 picked!

As a Nine Inch Nails fan you will know that Trent and the band are back next week with Halo 18: "The Hand That Feeds" the first single to come from the long awaited first new album from NIN in four years, Halo 19: "With Teeth".

The Hand That Feeds is out on Monday, on Maxi CD -featuring Photek remixes, DVD -featuring the video and a free poster, and limited edition collectors 9" vinyl - that fits perfectly in this box! All the singles released from "With Teeth" will be released on 9" so you can build your collection through the year.

The album is released in two weeks on May 2nd, available on CD and double vinyl LP.

Look forward to seeing you at the live dates in July...

Nine Inch Nails"

Not bad, huh?

Sunday, April 17

God Bess The Internet (part II)

..Sure I've used that post heading before (hence the part II).
As you'll know I've been lamenting the fact that Nine Inch Nails' new album, With Teeth, doesn't come out until May. It's just not fair, I thought, that I should hear so many of the album's new tracks when I saw the band at the end of March and yet have to wait almost six weeks to get my grubby hands on the actual album itself..
Thankfully "With Teeth" leaked onto the internet over the weekend.. so whilst I still have my order with amazon ready to ship when it is finally officially released (Amazon have it at £8.99, by the way in case you were considering buying it from the HMV link above), I can listen to the version I downloaded from Torrentspy right now!
It is an excellent album, more of a belated follow-up to Pretty Hate Machine and Broken as opposed to following The Downward Spiral and The Fragile. Current fave tracks (for me anyway) are "With Teeth", "Getting Smaller" and, of course, the single: "The Hand That Feeds".
Speaking of the single, it's out tomorrow on three formats CD, DVD and 9" vinyl all priced at £2.99 a pop. So if you fancy seeing NIN on Top of the Pops (and after their recent appearance on cd:uk, why not?) nip out and buy a copy (or a copy for you and one for a friend). Alternatively you can get the single on all three formats for £6 from HMV. Bargain!
Sorry if this blog has been a bit NIN-centric recently, there really are other things going on in the world, just a bit overwhelmed at the fact that a) Trent's finally got off his arse (and off the drugs/alcohol) and released and album and b) it's a great record too!!
Will promise to find something else to talk about next time..
For example I have read the second edition of Kent Beck's "Extreme Programming Explained" over the weekend. It's depressing how great this book is and how much sense it makes and how annoyed it makes me that I cannot work like that. Shall be ranting about that when I get round to getting over the depression that traditional software methodologies leave me in..
There. An alternative to NIN. Happy now?

Thursday, April 14


So anyway I get's this comment on this here blog thingy from someone that reads..
This blog is moribund ;-)
Now, quite evidently somebody's finally got to the the letter "M" in their word a day toilet paper, but for those of you without such informative arse-wiping material at your disposal, here's what the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has to say about Moribund..

"The Moribund" it says, "were a race of small blue-green beings who lived out on the far edge of the Eastern Spiral Arm of the Galaxy. You took a left at the Mega-Burger Corps Warp Through Burger Outlet, past the Coach & Horses and then second right after the home planet of the multi-twatted rim lickers."
Actually it never says anything of the sort partly because the Douglas Adams would never use the phrase rim lickers but mostly because the guide is a ficitonal tomb not currently available in any good bookshop (or, for that matter, any shit ones).

So instead, here's how defines Moribund:

1) Approaching death; about to die.
2) On the verge of becoming obsolete: moribund customs; a moribund way of life.

Fair point.
At the moment I just don't have enough bile to keep up the venomous posts, I don't have enough hatred to take snipes at shite websites, opinions or people. I have too little time to spend twatting about on the Internet.

But don't blame me..
Hell, I spent 90 minutes last night with my arse threatening to drop the entire contents of my body at any given second as I watched a very tense game of football. For those ninety minutes (and don't even get me started on the three minutes of extra time, how I remain clenched through that defies basic biology) I was a nervous wreck.. but somehow Liverpool Football are now one of the final four clubs in the Champion's League


I said..

Liverpool Football are now one of the final four clubs in the Champion's League.

Makes good reading doesn't it?

Let's have it in bold...

Liverpool Football are now one of the final four clubs in the Champion's League.

Anyway, this has little to do with the lack of updates (look to alcohol abuse and having too much of a good time as my reasons for that) but, fuck, I just like writing it..

Anyway, was never updated for 18 months and did anyone call that "moribund"? I don't fucking think so..
I am reforming, restrategising, revitalising this blog to improve it and take it into the future and excuse me if that take some effort and time..

Or I could be a lazy cunt..

Friday, April 8

It's been a while..

Well it has, hasn't it?
Updates round here have been slack (and not for the first time!)..
Efforts must be doubled..
I know, I know, you've heard it all before..

It's been a mad busy week though, in all fairness, and not sure where the time has gone.. but gone it has and already it's the end of the week (wayhay!) and this is the first post for sometime (boo!). Already I can feel the need for that Friday beer creeping in.. I can almost see the condensation running down the side of a pristine pint glass, can almost taste that first pint (rapidly) descending down the neck and the stress of another working week ebbing effortlessly away.
Sorry if I've just made you want to run to the nearest pub.. Dunno how I've got onto the subject of beer already - not had our breakfast baps yet..

Dude, he said baps. Huh-huh huh-huh

Anyway I will do better (I'll write it a hundred times if you like -but must of them will involve nothing more than the CTRL+V keys I warn you now)

Monday, April 4

Don't you fucking know what you are?

Hello again, gentle reader..
First chance to get some "serious" web time since the weekend, and to be honest it took a good few days to stop being in a daze about seeing Nine Inch Nails. They were fucking unbelievably good - just cannot wait to see them again in Manchester in July now. The only annoying thing is, after downloading bootlegs of the gigs in America (not seen one available of the 31st March date in London yet - although if anyone spots one - LET ME KNOW) and hearing lots of the new songs there and on the night, it's going to be a painful month having to wait for the release of With Teeth. Impatience is a terrible thing!
Weirdest thing I've seen in relation to this though is that NIN are going to be on this week's cd:uk, quite how the young teeny boppers, more used to McFly and Kemar are going to cope with Trent Reznor's angst lord only knows.. Mind you the producers were sensible enough to ensure that the recording was made well in advance (so no chance of Trent slipping into "Closer" or "Starfuckers Inc." halfway through the song then).
Oh and Doctor Who continues to be a revelation, so glad the Beeb have given the go-ahead for a second series (and an Xmas special, picture that: The Doctor and Rose exchanging gifts whilst the Cybermen attempt to batter their way into the TARDIS!!), even without Ecclestone, it will be bloody marvellous.
Off to the Champion's League match tomorrow so don't expect much in way of an update then (most of you have probably given up already anyway), but I will return!