Friday, September 30

I want one of these..

There's a lot of gadgets doing the rounds right now, people keep on bringing them into the office and showing them off.. For example earlier this week someone brought the new Sony PSP into work and an afternoon was wasted marveling at Sony's new product.. It's lovely, it really is and although I know that I have precious little spare time and despite the fact that I know that my PC and Gamecube sit upstairs most evening in a state of neglect, I just want one of these things. Somewhere there must be a scientific formula that you can apply to any new electronic gadget that makes blokes of a certain age just need your product, despite the fact after the initial five-minute elation of purchasing it and taking it out of the box for the first time, there will, inevitably, be the distinct feeling of "Oh my god I just blew nearly 200 notes on a toy".
The other thing doing the rounds right now is Apple's iPod Nano, which is really quite staggeringly beautiful to look at. It also holds lots of tunes and has a nice colourful display. Now I have music at home, in my car, at work and really have no need for a device that stores MP3s and allows them to be held. I don't use public transport, and do I walk? Do I fu..
So why is it that I covet this product so.. I know it's really cool but there is no actual reason to purchase one.. Who needs a reason though when design like this is so slick?

But I shall resist.
I shall turn my back on all of these gadgety type things..

Oh so I thought..

Until I saw this..
Bollocks to your state-of-the-art gadgetry, mate, retro kicks ass!
Now I really want one of these..
I mean.. Uridium!
What more reason do you need?

Monday, September 26

Highlight of the Day

It's amazing to me that there is currently a phenomenon in the office where people will inform one another of having just had "The highlight of their day".

To clear things up as to quite why I'm amazed (as normally surely this would be quite a positive statement, and something to be embraced): "the highlight of the day" is a euphemism for the act of going for a pooh during office-hours.

Obviously there are some days when going for a constitutional (no, still talking about taking a dump here before any further puerile sniggers start at the back) is indeed the highlight of the working day, but it is nothing short of amazing that this has become commonplace workplace conversation, and nobody bats an eyelid when it is uttered.

If I were to go to the Supermarket this lunchtime and, whilst having the items in my basket scanned (again no double-entendre here, just read it as it is), I mentioned to the checkout person: "After I leave here I'm going to go for a really good shit" I'd imagine this would be considered quite rude.

It is a further example, I guess, that the Software Development department is an odd beast..