Wednesday, June 13

Sweet Dreams..

I have started dreaming again - yay!
Dreams have been noticeably absent (well, proper lucid ones that you can actually remember, anyway) in the last year or so mainly because of a small squeaky daughter of mine waking up in the night. It's taken her the best part of twelve months to begin sleeping the night through you see (mainly due to the fact that she has always been quite little), and so sustained periods of sleep have been few and far between (certainly without the aid of alcohol anyway).

And it's a shame that the dreams have been absent, as my imagination certainly has quite a large special-effects budget on any given night, providing photo-realistic images of everything from the surreal to the apocalyptic. My sub-consious really does pull no punches when given the opportunity to flex its imaginative muscles.

So even if they've started slow (last night's dream seemed to be concerned with the inability to get served with three pints of lager in the space of a lunchtime), I look forward to the Hollywood-esque effects-driven spectaculars that I've had in the past, as sweet dreams are made of these..


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