Sunday, November 21

The Internet's priorities are all wrong..

Ding Dong Merrily On High and all that..
Soon it will be the season to be jolly, and by jolly I mean merry and by merry I mean almost permanently inebriated for a week.. No other time of the year causes so much alcohol to be consumed in such a short space of time.. and it's practically the law to be seeing double by the time the Queen's speech is on (then her Royal Highness provides just the right amount of stimulus to send you into a nice alcoholic coma for a couple of hours until you wake up rested in time for brandy, Christmas pud and the seasonal episode of Doctor Who - nice)...

Now the only kind of Christmas shopping I have left to do this year is the annual "booze run" where I take a tesco's trolley and fill it to the brim with enough cans & bottles of grog to make sure that at no point during Xmas & New Year me or any member of my family, or anyone who "drops in" (and who is, of course, of drinking age) risks being in a state that in any way resembles sober.. But I wonder, where is the cheapest place to get my Xmas booze?  Are litres of spirits cheaper in Tesco or Asda or Sainsburys?

Surely the internet knows..?

Well, no, actually it doesn't unless Google is spectacularly failing me..
I can find sites to help me find cheap video games, or petrol, or books.. but not booze - seriously WTF!? Someone surely has missed a trick here? Where's my cheap booze comparison site?

That's some fucked up priorities on behalf of the internet..

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Oh yeah, I have a blog

It's like a toasted sandwich maker though, I used to use it all the time.. Blogs about everything, any subject you can think of..

Now, my blog is at the back of the kitchen cupboard, just behind the Espresso machine and the smoothie maker.. untouched, unloved, unread.. Makes you sad..

And then you remember you have a blog!!!
And it's like, "Yeah, fuck twitter and it's 140 character limit, I can write more than that, I'm like.. literate and shit, you know", so you write a post and are pleased with it and for a while you think you'll go back, but you know what..??

It's not long before the blog is snugly back forgotten in the kitchen cupboard..

Aww bless