Sunday, October 31

The horror, the horror

And I'm not talking about Halloween..
Although I could, as I've just sat through a good horror double bill (something of a tradition, you have to see at least one scary movie on October 31st!).. watched the remake of George A Romero's "Dawn of the Dead" and it was okay.. Yup it was pretty good, no where near as good as the original of course (we sat round in the office the other day and tried to think of one remake which is actually better than the original, and came up with nothing? Anyone care to make any suggestions?).. but entertaining.. Unfortunately there is nothing scary about fast-moving zombies (they can make you jump I'll admit, but 28 Days Later did that WAY better).. the whole point of zombies is, although they're slow (and a little silly, the way that they shuffle towards you), they're relentless and eventually.. they'll get you. There were more genuine scares in Shaun of the Dead for fucks sake..
Anyway, the real horror this weekend featured on Match of the Day last night, where they kept on showing the footage of Djibril Cisse picking up a comminuted fracture at Ewood Park on Saturday (that's three players in two games who've had their legs broken there - bastards!). The tackle didn't look that bad whilst we were at the ground (but then it was at the other end of the pitch from where we were), but on TV -ewwww! Oh my lord, that looked fucking painful. Cisse's leg bent in the middle of his shin, and his foot was just lolling about in mid air.. Not surprising when you consider his Fibia and Tibia were simultaneously broken..
And yet the Beeb felt the need to show this again.. and again.. and again. It's enought to make one lose one's lunch, I tell thee.. I wonder if they cut that from the Sunday repeat as that footage was definitely post-watershed!

Saturday, October 30

With Teeth

Those who go to would have spotted recently that Trent is no longer calling the new album "bleedthrough" (probably the title died of old age waiting for Trent to finish recording and mixing the fucking thing).. Well the latest update confirms that the new album is going to be called...

..wait for it..

..brace yourself..

"With Teeth"


halo 19 nine inch nails : with teeth

Still better than "Revenge of the Sith" I guess

Friday, October 29

It's the weekend

Yeah, baby, yeah..
Well technically there are a couple of hours to go until I am emancipated from the debilitating shackles of the workplace, but already I can feel my strength, humour and optimism returning..
Not that it's been a bad week actually..
I'm actually just a tad concerned, as I've not had a decent rant in ages. These pages (I'm fairly sure) used to be filled with viscous bile at anything that had had the bare-faced cheek to piss me off. But I'm unnaturally calm and content. I think my worst fears are happening.. I think I'm mellowing.
God before long Radio 4 or Classical FM will be my radio stations of choice, I'll read the money section in the Guardian ("because it makes good financial sense to be aware of what's out there"), I'll actually own a pair of fucking slippers, I'll consider owning a shed, I won't be able to walk past a nice cardigan in the Menwear department, I'll think Jeremy Clarkson has good fashion sense, I won't be able to miss News At Ten, .. In short, I'll be fucking middle-aged!!!
How the hell did this happen?
I'm still reasonably in touch with the music scene, I still drink too much and smoke too much, I still go to concerts, covet gadgets, etc, etc.. surely these all demonstrate that I'm still in touch with my angry/discontented youth?
Actually, just re-read that.. maybe I ain't "lost it" completely yet..
Now, where did I put my pipe?

Tuesday, October 26

Absent Without Official Leave

Have been neglecting my blog recently.. when I finally browsed to the page today, it had forgotten my username and password which meant I had to log in (pain in the arse.. those Remember Me? check boxes are full of seventeen types of sloppy shit), when I finally got in, it looked at me like an abandoned kitten*, eye's all glazed with a hint of betrayal and issues of abandonment. But I tickled it under the chin, and behind the ears then wrote a few sentences and now it's happier than a pig in the aforementioned 17 types of check-box shit.

So yeah, it's been a few days, this is mainly because I have either been
a) drunk
b) busy
c) busily drunk
d) drunkenly busy
e) All of the above

Can you spot a theme here?

Anyway am back with nothing much to say except that I am a bit saddened by the fact that it appears that John Peel has died. Radio 1 will never have another show quite like his, an eclectic mix of music where every envelope was pushed and all tastes were catered for. It wasn't always an easy listen, but there were some real gems played on Peel's show, the likes of which will probably never be heard on radio again (particularly as most of the music industry now is all about audience percentages, demographics and how many 8 - 14 year olds are buying the new Britney single). A unique voice has definitely been lost.

* - Not, I hasten to add, that I really know what an abandoned kitten really looks like as my cats are remarkably well looked after, and will often sponaneously burst into song, so good is their life (they're performing a two-part harmony as I type and it really is quite moving)

Friday, October 22


Friday night.
No Beer.
Not right.

All Work And No Beer Make Silentbazz a Mad Boy..
All Work And No Beer Make Silentbazz a Mad Boy..
All Work And No Beer Make Silentbazz a Mad Boy..
All Work And No Beer Make Silentbazz a Mad Boy..
All Work And No Beer Make Silentbazz a Mad Boy..
All Work And No Beer Make Silentbazz a Mad Boy..
All Work And No Beer Make Silentbazz a Mad Boy..

Unpleasantly Moist

Of course one of the disadvantages of relying quite a lot on your car are those days when your are forced to slum it with the rest of the commoners and make use of public transport. Actually, the train service isn't that bad (even though it is fecking extortion if you want to travel at peak times), but the main problem is I'm worfully unprepared for making use of the public transort when the weather is as pants as it is today.
You see when the furthest distance you have to spend outside in the elements usually is during that brief walk between the car park and the office actually owning a coat with a hood, or an umbrella never really is a priority.. I know, I know - not owning an umbrella in this country is foolishness beyond belief in itself..
But how I regretted not having such protection from the downpour of almost Biblical proportions I got caught in this morning on my way to the railway station. Arse. Not to mention that my CD walkman ran out of batteries about thirty seconds into the CD I was listening to.. These are things that just aren't a problem when you're sat behind the wheel of your own automobile, with the air con keeping the conditions pleasant and the stereo blaring.. Not surprisingly I arrived here this morning looking more like I'd swam in than arriving via train.
With any luck I'll dry out by lunchtime, just in time to get soaked again whilst out getting something for lunch..

Wednesday, October 20

More advance ticket sales

Promotional emails are a wonderful thing, aren't they. Unfortunately, I'm skint as fuck (that's what pissing off to Spain for a week and stocking up on enough duty-free cigarettes to practically guarantee a tumor in later life will do for you) and getting Kasabian tickets earlier this week has kinda wiped me out (not that I'm complaining, as that concert will rule). But, as I like passing this kind of information on to the goodly people who take time out of their busy lives to read the inane shite that I spew out, here's more details..
By all accounts Velvet Revolver are touring the UK in January next year (did I say January, you mean the month when it's my birthday? Eeek!). Now their album was brilliant, and despite it being a stadium tour (not a nice cosy gig like the Kasabian one will be in Academy 3 -yeeeeaa boyyyeeee!) it should be a wicked concert.. Now tickets aren't on general sale until Friday, but there is a presale on at this page from tomorrow, that's Thursday 21st Oct (no time is specified in the mail but the Kasabian tickets went on sale at 9 am). So if you want 'em, go get 'em!
Later y'all

Tuesday, October 19

Is he stoned?

Never mind Adrian Mutu admitting to snorting cocaine, someone get a drugs tester to Anfield NOW! Rafael Benitez was clearly under the influence, or had been posessed by the ghost of GĂ©rard Houllier when he gave his post match interview and laughably said "That's the best we've played this season". He's shitting me, right?
Don't get me wrong it wasn't a dire performance by any stretch of the imagination. We are continuing to show that there is progress being made, but we couldn't hit a barn door at five yards with a fucking rocket launcher and, although we had the majority of the posession, some of the passing was woeful (particularly the second ball which seems to be a real problem for us). Baros worked hard, but still needs to pick his head up, Cisse started well enough but I think he began to get really frustrated (a number of times he was in acres of space and was just dying to be picked out for a pass, but never got the ball), Riise was fucking dire and Hamann should now be banned from taking free kicks (for fucks sake Alonso was on the pitch). Rafa brought Kewell on in the second half which meant at least he didn't have enough time on the pitch to become disinterested and disappoint.. Finnan looked good though. If it was the best performance we would have been able to open Deportivo up (we were camped in their half most of the second half) and converted some of the chances we created..
However, if one man ruined the game.. it was Anders Frisk. Some of the decisions were fucking appalling.. Actually, no, strike that, the majority of his decisions were fucking woeful. He just minced round the pitch like a floppy haired nonce.
Anders Frisk?
What a cunt.

Monday, October 18

Joy of Joys

Little Britain returns to our screens in just over twenty-four hours.. Not that I'll get to see it at the time of course, due to Champion's League commitments, but Sky+ will be doing the honours (as per usual).
Anyway, thought it was worth a mention.
Finally got the kasabian tickets I was after too, though I must say that Ticketshyster performed their usual anal raping when it came to booking fees and delivery costs. Cunts. Anyway, have no idea who's going to make use of the second ticket yet as I seem to be the only person I know who's heard possibly one of the finest albums that has been released this year (honestly, it is that good), but am hoping I'll know someone who has been delivered from darkness by the time Thursday 9th Decemeber rolls around. Failing that there's always eBay or ticket touts I guess.. I don't care even if I do have to go on me Bill, I am going to see this band regardless, as the next time they tour there's no way they'll play a venue as small as the Academy!
Also, other good news was delivered to my inbox this evening. Now usually promotional emails are a big pile of festering wank and have me hitting the delete key faster than a very fast thing. However, for some reason, my finger hovered over the email from Play.Com and I decided to open it instead - there must have been a tremor in the force or something.. and, oh boy, I'm glad I did as it would appear that Big Train is finally being released on DVD - both series in one set! So that's hours & hours of shy policemen, the artist formally known as Prince chasing jockeys who were grazing on the open plains, a duck in danger, hens in armed combat, a confused Transport Minister, highly charged sexual politics and casual, though necessary, violence. Most importantly though, there's the sketches featuring the Staring Competitions -classic. If you've not seen it, rush out and order it now, tis fabby. And it features Simon Pegg.
That's Simon Pegg, Comedy Genius to you! ;)
Anyway, I hear a pub calling.. catch you later

Kasabian tickets

Are apparently on pre-sale this morning from 9 a.m.
Their debut album is on of the best I've heard all year, so I'll definitely be popping along to see them. If you're interested, head over to this link.
However, best of british luck to you as it would appear that Ticketmaster are shit again and they cannot cope with demand - bastards.
I will get tickets to this gig..

Sunday, October 17

A (quiet) day in the life..

So I finally had a day to myself..
No work, no plans, no football matches, nothing, nada, nowt on the cards at all.. Oh joy of joys, I knew this day would finally come to pass!
Not that I'm complaining about how hectic things have got recently, it's been a blast, but every now and then it's good for the soul to kick back, relax and just chill the fuck out..
..and, to be honest, I was pooped! ;)
..and it meant I got to spend some quality time with my beloved Sky+ box as, I gotta tell you, I had a lot of quality viewing to be done.
First up was the new series of Battlestar Galactica which has just started on Sky One (well, to be honest, they showed the pilot episodes last week, the actual series only kicks off on Monday). Now I must admit I had mixed feelings about this as I was a big fan of the original Battlestar Galactica series.. I still maintain that its good viewing even today (I'm sorry but, for me, the Cylons in the original series were WAY cool.. that whooshing red beam at the front of the Centurion's head (an idea later revisited in the front of KITT) and the ships they flew were pretty fucking cool too). I know some people out there say that it was camp and cheesy, and it's true that they did re-use the same special effects shots every week.. but I never cared at the time and it was still fabby.Let's not forget that it was obviously good enough to get George Lucas all upset, as he tried to sue the producers of the show, saying that they ripped off Star Wars (a case he lost!!).
But anyway, the new series...
Well the special effects are far better, they've thrown some serious dosh at the programme and it does look slick.. It was very weird that Starbuck is now a woman (rather than being played by The A-Team's Dirk Benedict) although still enjoys card games and smoking very large cigars and even odder that Colonel Tigh is now white. The plot is, undoubtably, a bit more grown up with there already being tension between Adama (who'd prefer a military response to the Cylon attack) and the Colonial president who just wants to keep the human race going. And of course Baltar, the man who (unwittingly in this version) commits treason and sells out the humans to the Cylons now has a British accent (as us Brits are allowed to be portrayed as evil in American films and TV shows as we're far too polite to kick up a fuss about stereotypes)..
But is it as fun to watch?
Hmm.. of that I'm not convinced..
It takes itself all so seriously that I'm not sure..
I actually found the space battles to be a bit dull as there were no swooping dog fights (these days all of the Cylon ships seem to be equipped with 100 megaton nuclear devices which means they don't have to fly paricularly close to a target to cause any real damage). Also, as the characters look like they may crack their faces if they smile, I didn't particularly care if any of them lived or died. It's all too grown up, and really it seems to me that if a sweeping Space Opera takes itself too seriously then all it really does is render it open to for much piss-taking..
Maybe it will improve once it becomes an ongoing series (and I have it marked for recording tomorrow night to give it a chance), but it certainly hasn't impressed me much yet!
I also found (completely by accident) that a new series of
Q.I. was back on BBC2 (and BBC4) on a Friday night. This is a fabulous show, and one of the few really funny things on TV at the moment (at least until Little Britain comes back on Tueday). Why is it never advertised? Do the Beeb not realise what a gem they have in their schedules? I had no idea that it was back (I'm not one of these people that buys a TV guide every week so if something doesn't get advertised or unless I happen to find it on the EPG, then I'd never know anything was on).. but I'm glad it is. As someone who seems to have a brain that is a sponge for mindless trivia this show is like a font for all knowledge.. Like who knew that the U.S. Army dressed mexican bats in little waistcoats filled with Napalm and tried to use them to destroy Japanese villages and towns during the war? (Another indication that fact truly is stranger than fiction). Genius.
Oh and yes, there's been lots of Mutant X.. What a show.. It was worth getting asthma and being signed off for a week just so that I found this little gem in the afternoon TV schedules.. And, contrary to what Leon might think, it's not just due to the fact that Victoria Pratt plays Shalimar Fox.. (although I have to admit, she's not exactly tough to look at!!).
Anyway, that's the Hard Drive on the Sky+ box cleared down a bit (it needs to be -there's a lot of cool shows on this week) and a nice lazy day of TV watching with absolutely nothing that I didn't actually want to watch. Fabulous.
Dunno when I'll get another slobby day like this, but every now and then, it's good to be a couch potato!

Friday, October 15

Working in the City Centre would make a fat fucker out of me

Honestly, there are just so many fabulous locations to grab lunch in the City Centre, it's untrue! Now normally this would make me annoyed, as where work is currently based (a shitty little one-horse town on the outskirts of Manchester, out towards Oldham (cue the gag "How'd you get to Oldham?").. wayhay!!!) definitely lacks these facilities. But I can honestly see the health benefits of only having a Morrison's and a little sandwich shop to choose from for culinary delights (I'm ignoring the fact that McDonalds is close too), as their uninspired choices mean that you don't gorge yourself on a wide selection of different foods from around the World. And, also, there's the temptation of lots of pubs in the City Centre too.. Having that temptation in front of me at all times would be like being back working in London again, and quite a lot of those years are a blur.
So maybe it's just safer to stick to the one-horse town..

Thursday, October 14

It's not a myth after all

Did you know that some companies do actually send their staff on training courses (and relevant, career-enhancing ones at that)? I thought it was the stuff of Myths and Legends, but no it actually does happen. Pity it took me eight fucking years to find such a company, though. Oh well, better late than fucking never eh?
I may now set out to locate the Holy Grail, as it cannot have be as hard to find that than it was to find an I.T. company who actually invest in their staff, in fact -in comparison- it'll be a piece of fucking piss!

You fucking knows it

Get to see Goldie Lookin' Chain tomorrow night at the Academy in Manchester. Yup, I am definitely old enough to know better, but I really don't care, it's gonna be safe as fuck, clart, you knows it. So hope to see all you fellow GLC fans there with your Leisure Suits on, but I'll actually pass on the Soap Bar thanks.
I am a robot! I am a robot! My mission is to goes to the shop and get ten fags

Wednesday, October 13

More movie stuff

Still not had time to spend some quality time with my lovely internet connection recently.. too many distractions: International Football (hey, I made a fiver out of that game -woohoo), Christenings, Sky+ (so many episodes of Mutant X - joy! joy! joy!), etc, etc.. So am well behind on finding the latest links of questionable content to publish on this page, and for that I apologise..

But I did get to the cinema last night. Went to see Saw. The name of the film is a right pain in the arse, as if you say "I went to see Saw" everyone thinks you've been out for a night in a playground or something, or will make the little "joke".. "Oh did you get to go on the Swings too?"
A-Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha
..oh piss off..
Anyway, I must say, this is a rather sick puppy of a movie, very twisted indeed. There were some places where it felt genuinely disturbing, and the whole premise of the movie is cool. And, Danny Glover plays a cop again! Wasn't it in the Lethal Weapon movies that he was always saying he was: "too old for this shit?".
Also, talking of movies, I got the rather fabulous Shaun of the Dead Soundtrack over the weekend, and it has not left the CD player since.. Not only does it have some quality tunes ("White Lines (Don't Do It)" - Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel, "Ghost Town" - The Specials and "Mister Mental" - The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster to name but three) but the whole CD is a continuous mix with songs drifting from one to the other, normally accompanied by a few lines of dialogue from the movie (Track 2 starts with Ed asking: "Can I get any if you cunts a drink?"). It's a really good soundtrack CD indeed and well worth a listen.

Monday, October 11

Episode III teaser trailer details

Well, if you're a born again follower of the Star Wars films, or if you were actually quite excited by seeing Anakin and Obi-Wan kicking arse in the bonus features on the Original Trilogy DVD recently, then you might be interested in reading these details of the Episode III spoiler trailer - sounds good to me.. finally Anakin becomes Vader and James Earl Jones is back! Yay!
Let's hope George makes this a wee bit grim (as the fall of the Jedi and the rise of the Empire should be) and not another fucking toy commercial.
Please, George..

Organised religion can kiss my arse

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an atheist and have been since a stupidly young age.. Now, I don't condemn anyone who has (or follows a) faith, it's just my personal belief that all this talk of a "one true god" is a crock of shit. Sorry if I offend anyone by saying that, these are my beliefs, and this is my blog so if you want to go on and preach about a heavenly father and all that then you can do so elsewhere (and I won't hold it against you if you decide to, either).
Anyway, this meant that I was put into something of a dilemma when my sister asked me to be my nephew's Godfather. Now my little nephew, Jamie, must be the coolest little dude who has ever walked the planet, so it was a major honour to be considered for the role. And, it was a responsibility I wanted to take on seriously, as if the kid ever needs anything then I want to help him out (and I would have done as an Uncle anyway, but now I have a double responsibility being his Godfather too).
Plus, I'm sure it'll give me many an opportunity to do some great Marlon Brando impressions in the future (or even Robert DeNiro impressions if I'm in a "Godfather Part II" kinda mood).
But I was aware that this would mean having to go to a Church and make all these statements about raising little J to follow God or Jesus or both of them even..
So do you see my dilemma?
Anyway, I thought my responsibility to my nephew far outweighed any objections I might have to organised religion (in all fairness the dilemma only lasted about a millisecond in my head anyway) and I quickly agreed.
The other thing that helped is the fact that neither my sister or Ian are really religious either, but as they'd both been Christened they didn't want to disadvantage Jamie in anyway by not having him Christened. After all, we all have free will and if J wants to become a practicing Christian, then he should be able to do so, yeah? Abso-frigging-lutely. So at least by being Christened he can make his own mind up and won't be hindered, due to a lack of baptism, if he wants to go to Church.
So all well and good, yeah?
Well I thought so.
What we hadn't bargained on was the fucking sourpuss of a Vicar, who proceeded to open the whole service with what amounted to a fifteen minute bollocking of everyone sat there in the Church for people not following in the way of God. You could just hear everyone shift uncomfortably in their seats as they were forced to listen to this man belittling them (and let's face it he didn't know any of us from fucking Adam, there may well have been people there who attended Church daily for all he knew) for not following God and Jesus, and not taking the service seriously. So he managed to turn what was supposed to be a joyous celebration into a telling off.
What a wanker.
It's not difficult to see why congregations are falling all over the country if this is the sort of self-righteous asshole who conducts services up and down the country. Here was his opportunity to speak to people who might not normally attend Church (religious or not), but rather than welcoming them, and maybe even helping a few to think "Well that was nice, I'd like to go to Church more often" he stood there and ripped into them for a quarter of an hour.
Sorry, but it really wound me up, it annoyed everyone who was there and took the shine off the service (thankfully, the miserable turd didn't turn up to the pub for the party afterwards, despite being invited, so at least he didn't bring his own brand of bitter misery there and ruin that too).
If that's what organised religion is all about it can kiss my arse.


Actually while I'm mentioning Soccer AM, I must mention the fact that they're trying to get the word "bouncebackability" (coined by Crystal Palace manger, IanDowie) into the Oxford English dictionary. Apparently a word has to be in common usage in the English language in order to be entered into the dictionary, and Soccer AM have lead the way by getting this word into everyone's vocabulary.. and it appears to be working too.. just do a search on Google and you get tonnes of results that proves that, thanks to Tim & Helen, it can only be a matter of time before this word is on everyone's lips. Some of their coverage of how this great phrase is becoming more and more common in the nation were shown on the show on Saturday morning, with even Philip Schofield on the National Lottery show making good use of it. So, fellow blogsters and general surfers of t'internet, get Bouncebacakability into your conversation today.. you know it makes sense!

This week I have been mostly listening to..

1) Green Day - American Idiot

2) Kasabian - Kasabian

Actually, I must say, the Kasabian album is excellent. A big thanks to Sky's Soccer AM show for showcasing this band on their famous Orange Sofas. Despite being a Chelsea supporter, Tim Lovejoy show's great Bouncebackability in credibility stakes by having a rather great taste in music!.

Friday, October 8


This one goes out to all you other bloggers out there:
Have you ever had a blog post completely disappear?
I typed up an entry last night, quite a lengthy piece of text as it happens, and then after spellchecking it and reading it back for grammatical faux pas, I hit the old "Publish Post" button..
Blogger went through the normal shannanigans of updating my blog, and eventually hit the 100% mark (in terms of progress). So then I went to "View Blog" and guess what?
The whole fucking entry had disappeared
No more
It was a non-entry..
Now usually this can be resolved by hitting the refresh button, so I tried that a couple of times..
and then a couple of more times..
then I was hitting the refresh button like a motherfucker..
Sweet Fuck All.
I cannot be arsed to re-type the entry either (as I said it was quite long, and it's kinda like having a lengthy Microsoft Word document, but forgetting to save it, and then accidentally knocking the power cable out of the back of your PC: the effort involved in retyping it all in just doesn't seem to be worth it).
Instead, I thought I'd just come on here and bitch about it! ;)
Cos if I didn't I wouldn't be me I guess.

p.s. Eventually I will drag myself away from the Sky+ recordings and actually surf the web a bit and begin posting the usual dumbass links that find their way into this worthless blog..
But not today!

Thursday, October 7

A great slice

Went to see Layer Cake last night, for those who've missed the hype and don't know anything about this little gem, it is a fantastic little movie.
I could give you a run down of the plot myself, but it's easier to cut and paste the blurb from IMDB, really: "Based upon JJ Connelly's London crime novel, "LAYER CAKE" is about a successful cocaine dealer (DANIEL CRAIG) who has earned a respected place among England's Mafia elite and plans an early retirement from the business. However, big boss Jimmy Price hands down a tough assignment: find Charlotte Ryder, the missing rich princess daughter of Jimmy's old pal Edward, a powerful construction business player and gossip papers socialite. Complicating matters are two million pounds' worth of Grade A ecstasy, a brutal neo-Nazi sect and a whole series of double crossings."
A lot of people have been comparing this to "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and whilst there are similarities in the subject matter (British Gangsters) I feel the comparison is slightly unfair as this movie is a much more gritty, realistic and intelligent film.
Be careful not to allow anyone to spoil this movie for you though, as there are some fabulous plot twists and turns.
But it was great entertainment, a real little gem of a British movie, forget the Guy Ritchie comparisons and enjoy a fabulous gangster tale!

Tuesday, October 5

Like the proverbial bad penny..

Sorry to disappoint, but they let me back into the country (without the rectal probe being required).. so I'm back here with the usual diatribe..
Well I will be..
Sooner or later..
To be honest, I'm too knackered right now..
Travelling will do that to you I guess..
Plus I just went on a two-and-half-hour "Eastenderthon" (courtesy of the rather wonderful Sky+, it really is marvellous.. not even got started on the Mutant X yet, but am looking forward to it), and that has finished me off..
I could complain about the fact that yesterday I was enjoying the pleasant, sunny 30 plus degrees temperatures and now I'm back in the UK it's 13 degrees and pissing it down..
But I cannot be arsed right now..
To be fair, I barely have the energy to type this..
So.. apologies.. I shall return, fighting fit, soon
see y'all later (hopefully)