Wednesday, November 30

Another tradition... gone

Another Christmas tradition is being swept away this year, festive fans (I know that regular readers just lurve Christmas, so I'm just going to keep banging on about it).. According to the Doctor Who News Page, the Christmas special of the best show to air on British Television since TV went colour is not on until 7p.m. What this means is that no longer can you eat and drink until you fall into an indulgent Xmas Coma about mid-afternoon.. oh no.. you're gonna have to stick matchsticks in your eyes and keep those peepers open until at least 8p.m!!!

Personally I'll be advocating the use of vodka and redbull as means of staying inebriated and awake this Christmas Day..

Ho ho (snore) ho!

Saturday, November 26

Coming Soon

K's first piccy

Well, June 5th 2006 anyway :)

Thursday, November 24

Do farts contain DNA..?

..Because, I tell you, the whole "whoever smelt it dealt it" law is fundamentally flawed in my humble opinion.

Just over a month before Christmas now - blimey. Fortunately this year I am now only three presents away from not having to worry about the whole gift-giving experience. Christmas shopping is rather like a game of Trivial Pursuit, desperately trying to collect wedge-like (or pie-like) presents before making a mad scramble for the centre of the board. Except a game of trivial pursuit with more stress, infinitely more players (all of whom will, no doubt try and walk into you and shove in front of you in the "please pay here" queue in WH Smith). Fortunately I will not be making a return to the blasted Trafford Centre with one week to go (like I did last year where I swore, after forty minutes in the car park desperately trying to find a space, that I would be more organised in future) and most of my Xmas objectives have been achieved online..

Just hope that Santa got my letter and there will be a small, but perfectly formed and wrapped TARDIS underneath the Christmas tree come December 25th. Have deliberately not re-watched the first series of Doctor Who on UK Gold in preparation for a mammoth sesh whilst I'm off over the Xmas season. Now if Santa could also leave, by mistake, a PSP that was intended for a rich person that would be lovely..

Ho ho, and indeed, ho..

Thursday, November 10

The best laid plans..

As an advocate of agile methodologies in software development, I get used to "embracing change", which as just as well as change tends to happen outside the realms of work as well..

To get all 2010 on you:
"something wonderful is about to happen"

Keep watching the skies and all that

Oh and this weekend I shall begin watching season 2 of Lost - hurrah! Nasty cliffhanger at the end of season 1 meant there was no way I could wait..