Wednesday, October 12

Eat your greens

It's almost enough to turn you veggie.. the thing is I cannot help but think that meat would come in handy at some point! ;)

Lost & Found

So I finally weakened.. after travelling over to see my sis on Sunday, she finally tempted me enough to borrow the Season 1 DVD set of "Lost". Up until now, I had resisted as it was one of the few things on telly these days worth actually watching and I was quite enjoying the slow build up, week-by-week of the mysteries surrounding the survivors of the air crash. But when it was put right in front of me, I found it impossible to resist watching right through to the end (all 24 episodes - joy! joy! joy!). Have seen five in two days now and it is really good..
Of course this has put paid to the watercooler discussions of the previous night's episode, but, since Sky+, those have all but died off anyway..
Now did Walt's imagination alone, really bring a Polar bear into existence? Time will tell (but not as much time as Channel 4 would have me wait, at least)..

So where can I get season 2 from folks?

Monday, October 10


You may have noticed, if you're here long enough to actually read that far, that at the bottom of the page there is a logo for SiteMeter. This is there to tell me how many people are bored enough to come here on a day-to-day basis (and also to amuse me at how many people get here after searching for pictures of Sarah Alexander and/or Kiera Knightly - LOL!). Anyway they've introduced this new thing where you can see where your visitors come from on a World Map.

This is pretty natty and I like it.

Oh, please click the link below (particulary, you perv, if you came looking for piccys of Sarah Alexander and/or Kiera Knightly) and get me a free iPod Nano, please..


Friday, October 7

I want one of these (part II)

Yes, still wanting an iPod Nano, and you can help me to get one for free - simply click this link and you can get one for yourself whilst you're there.

Thanks In Advance